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The Rev – a complete CRM, sales performance, planning, and forecasting platform. Meticulously designed to cater to the distinct requirements of multi-line sales representatives, manufacturers, and distributors.

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What Sets us Apart?

Channel Expertise
Developed in collaboration with Multi-line Reps, our software understands and addresses the nuances and challenges specific to multi-line sales organizations. Our platform is intricately designed to touch every facet of such an organization, encompassing outside sales, inside sales, and sales management. By ensuring a unified experience for manufacturers, distribution channels and end-users, we provide a solution that truly reflects our comprehensive and insightful view of the channel.
Customized Tools & Integration
Our platform is tailor-made for multi-line reps, streamlining processes from strategic planning to commission reconciliation. Seamlessly integrated with industry-leading quotation programs and powered by Salesforce, we ensure data security and integrity. We offer exhaustive data insights and complete transparency for our manufacturing and distribution channels. This holistic approach aligns with and strengthens accountability to the manufacturers, distributions partners and end-users we serve, cultivating trust and driving sales growth throughout the journey.
Expert Support & Services

Our suite of back-office services encompasses specialized training sessions, custom report development, dashboard creation, and meticulous data management and input. Complementing these offerings, our US-based support team stands as a testament to our commitment, being not only responsive but also deeply knowledgeable, ensuring you receive timely and accurate answers when they’re most needed.

Our Core Values


Consistently pushing the boundaries of technology to equip multi-line sales representatives, manufacturers, and distributors with the tools they need to stay ahead in a dynamic market.

Client Focus

Commitment to understanding and addressing the unique challenges and aspirations of each client. This client-centric approach ensures tailored, impactful solutions that resonate with the specific needs of sales professionals in their specific industry.


The Rev is synonymous with practical, results-driven solutions, meticulously crafted to streamline sales processes, enhance performance, and drive measurable outcomes.


Our CRM is designed to adapt seamlessly to the unique workflow and objectives of multi-line sales representatives, manufacturers, and distributors, ensuring a perfect alignment with your business strategy.

Positive Momentum

The Rev embeds a culture of positive momentum, viewing every challenge as a step towards greater achievements in sales and distribution. Our approach turns challenges into stepping stones for success, executing sales performance for our clients.

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