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The Rev – a complete CRM, sales performance, planning, and forecasting platform. Meticulously designed to cater to the distinct requirements of multi-line sales representatives, manufacturers, and distributors.

Key Features of the Rev

Strategic Planning

Navigate the complexities of annual factory planning with ease. With Rev, you can set sales goals for each brand, pull past sales data, dealer history, and end-user projections all from a centralized dashboard.

Sales Performance

Prepare for sales calls like never before. From pipeline reviews to communication records, and from current jobs to future opportunities, Rev ensures you’re always ready. Plus, stay updated with special programs and promotions.

Forecasting & Reporting

Say goodbye to last-minute report requests. With the Rev Factory Dashboard, get real-time insights, year-to-date sales, pipeline data, and more. All reports can be viewed in real-time, downloaded, exported, or even scheduled for email delivery.

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Planning | Performance | Revenue